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Our mission is to make your studying as smooth and enjoyable as never before.

Interactive Schedule

Start discussions, upload files, leave ratings with feedback for a teacher without leaving a schedule page.

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Task Assignments

Create and assign tasks to a group as a teacher. Always be aware of all assigned tasks to you as a student.

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Grades Journal

Manage the grades of your students as a teacher. Access all your grades in one place as a student.

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Cutting edge technologies are used to provide the highest convenience level according to the latest standards.

  • Simple to use
  • Easily accessible
  • Affordable to everyone

Amazing Search Experience

Feel the power of blazingly fast search engine. Find necessary information in a matter of seconds.

  • Everything is searchable
  • Search-term matches are highlighted
  • All tables and lists are filterable

Live Notifications

Get notified about any activity regarding your profile via the real-time notification system.

  • When a lesson was moved
  • When you are assigned a task
  • When you receive a mark

Interactive Schedule

The new schedule of classes will become your best friend in studying. There is no going back.

If you wish to upload files related to the lesson, go ahead and drop them right on a lesson block.

If you would like to start a discussion so that each participant of a lesson is notified, do it in two clicks!

What about giving the lesson a rating? Maybe you also want to write detailed feedback, we got you covered.

All of this and more you will be able to do without leaving a schedule page!


Task Assignments

The most common interaction between students and teachers is task assignments.

As a teacher, be in charge of your tasks base. Create, modify, delete, assign to a student or a group at once. Monitor status of tasks in regards to a particular student.

As a student, keep track of all tasks assigned to you. Have access to task details including attached files and teacher's notes. Never miss any task again.


Grades Journal

Managing grades became extremely easy. Being able to view them - even simpler.

As a teacher, release yourself from the headache when it comes to managing student grades. Leverage an option of setting grades in a very straightforward and intuitive way.

As a student, get notified right away whenever you receive a new grade and have a summary of your academic performance at the end of each course based on your marks.


Modern Concepts

Providing a comfortable platform for seamless interaction for our users is a priority to us.

Fully Mobile-Adaptive

The app looks great on any screen resolution.

No Page Reloads

Load the app page once and never have to reload it again before you finish using it.

Real-Time Updates

Receive all notifications on the fly while you are using the app without breaking your experience.

Our Ambitious Team

Igor Babko Founder
Evgeniy Perekhod Co-founder
Anatoly Ovrutskyi Back End Engineer
Maxim Ovrutskyi Front End Engineer
Mirahmad Mirzajonov Full Stack Engineer
Andrew Shkuratov iOS Engineer

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